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17′ Enclosed Slide Rental

inflatable rental bounce house slide

This slide is extra wide for many kids all at once. It has been a hit for several years now and is still holding up great.  Many parties like to drape out water misting system across the top to provide slippery entertainment in the hot sun.  The foot print for this unit is about 30’x14′ and is approx 17′ tall and fully enclosed.  Kids climb in one of two holes at the entrance, climb up what seems like a mountain, play king of the hill and slide down the wide slide and jump or slam into the adjoining wall.  There is a significant bouncing area at the bottom of the slide for plenty of room to play. Safe for kids of all ages. Rental rate for this slide is usually around $200-$300 depending on condition, location, wet or dry, etc… Call for confirmation on pricing. If you are having trouble deciding which inflatable to rent for your party in Kansas City, please feel free to give us a call, we are always more than happy to help.

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