Bounce House with Basketball Hoop

Bounce House Inflatable Rental With Basketball Hoop

This Standard Bounce House is one of our newest additions to our inflatable rental inventory. This Bounce House gives plenty of room to jump around, bounce around, do flips and tricks, and giant slam dunks into the basketball hoop which is featured inside the inflatable Bounce House. This unit has a small foot print than many of our other units measuring about 13’x13′ is perfect for smaller events and gymnasiums. This bounce house is great for small birthdays or just fun day with the family. Bring the friends and family out to a city park, rent an inflatable bounce house, enjoy fun in the sun, chatting in the shade, lunch time under the awnings while the kids stay entertained with INFLATABLE BOUNCE HOUSES, OBSTACLE COURSES, AND SLIDES.

inflatable rental bounce house slide

(4-6 hrs, del,setup,pickup)

The Black Outline on the front is velcro! We have a few Art Panels that can be placed upon request – free of charge.

(Themes to Choose from – Sports | Birthday Boy | Birthday Girl | Ballerina)

Inflatable Hoop Bounce House with SnowCone Machine Combo

Everyone is looking for birthday packages these days. You can put this Hoop in Castle Bounce House together with a SnowCone machine for a total price of $200. This kind of pricing should help with your party planning budget. This pricing includes SnowCone supplies for about 50 servings(ICE NOT INCLUDED), more can purchased if needed at a rate of about $20 per 50 additional. Delivery, setup, take down and pickup is also included in this pricing, which covers much of the Metro Kansas City area. Additional delivery charges may apply, provide event address and details for exact pricing.

Combine Inflatable Rentals for Bigger Savings

BIG PARTIES REQUIRE BIG ENTERTAINMENT!!! Rent several inflatables for maximum fun in the sun. Obstacles, Bounce Houses, Slides, Dunk Tank, SnowCone, Cotton Candy put them together how you like and we will help you save money off the normal pricing. We have many packages we can put together for you that help save some money while adding to the entertainment.

With such an assortment of inflatables in inventory we can put together all kinds of rental packages, JUST ASK!


Fundraiser Opportunities

These packages can be great for fundraisers too! For instance you could rent a Bounce House and allow free admission to jump, while selling Cotton Candy, SnowCones, Spin Art and Sand Art Bottles to your patrons. Double Basketball Shooter can be pay to play, give them 2 green balls and one red ball, hit a Homer and get 2 more green balls, $3 to play would bring in the profits quite well. Keep score and challenge a friend. The Dunk Tank could be $3 for three shots to drop the suspecting person into the cold water that lurks below or take bets while the volunteer chants and taunts the pitcher. Or setup the Giant Double Lane Slide for pay to play something like $5 for 15 minutes of play. I am sure you can come up with some ideas to make this interesting. If you need help with ideas let us know, maybe we can come up with something fitting for your theme.

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