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Water Slide Rentals this weekend in Kansas City

Reserve a Water slide for your event as soon as possible!

They are going very quickly we only have a few weekend slots left. We are trying to purchase another water slide just to keep up with the rental demand, but unfortunately it will be a few weeks before that may be finalized. Call now before they are all booked up. We also offer discounts for Sunday rentals as well as during the week rentals. A Thursday event can save you as much as $100 compared to a Saturday rental. Keep that in mind when planning your next group function or birthday party.

We still have package deals available too! Combine the Water Slide with the Dunk Tank for some awesome wet and wild fun in the sun. Normally the water slide rents for $400 and the Dunk Tank for $250, mention you read this post and we can put together for $600 total for Friday or Saturday, and $540 for Sunday through Thursday.

We are really excited about the coming addition to the family. I think my kids will force me to set it up for them as soon as it arrives. That is going to be so much fun. We will just have to wait and see what they have in store for us. This Water Slide is going to be (how they say, “OFF THE CHAIN” or Hook or whatever.) You get my drift.
Anyway, what do your kids want for their birthday party? The answer is simple.
Water Slide – Water Slide – Water Slide – Water Slide – Water Slide – Water Slide – Water Slide – Water Slide – Water Slide – Water Slide – Water Slide – Water Slide – Give them the Water slide and they will have a party they will always remember. Snowcones are great way to keep the energy flowing properly and the kiddos cool while they ride down the exhilarating water slide….water slide
Rent the water slide and Snowcone machine for only $400 during the week (sun-thurs). How much fun would your kids have if one day they come home day camp or summer school and there just so happens to be a GIGANTIC DOUBLE LANE WATER SLIDE in the front yard hosing them down with water as their huge eyes glisten in the sun light like something out of a Spongebob episode. Yeah, it’s like that! They come running, your kids will make friends you didn’t know even lived on your

Dunk Tank Rental makes super Party

Super Happy Kids at our Birthday Bash 2014

street, or a couple blocks over for that matter. This water slide is no Veruckt, but compared to your little kids, it might as well be. Chomping down awesome snowcones and riding down that awesome water slide, over and over again without any 2 hours lines to deal with. For crying out loud, there is nothing that drives me crazy more than spending $300 on tickets to a park where all everyone does is wait in giant lines. The last time we went to WOF/OOF, we were there for 12 hours, and didn’t have an opportunity to ride even 12 rides. Which I might add only last a few seconds to a few minutes, big whoop-dee-doo! 508624666_e5fa241456


Theme-Park-LineCome out that place $500 lighter, sunburned, irritated and just ready for serious Air Conditioning and something cold to quench my near death dehydration. Bring the park to your house, enjoy your AC, fridge full of beverages that don’t cost $10 each, food that you can make on the BBQ for under $40 for the whole gang. Plan it right and you will be the talk of the neighborhood for weeks to come.
One of the coolest parties we helped with went a little like this:

Dunk Tank Rental Kansas City Party Success

Super Cold Water that day. May 2014

Face Painter Brought in his AirBrush equipment and went to town with face and body painting for about two hours. A DJ was brought in to keep the energy flowing. The Giant Water Slide was setup to keep the fun in the sun, while the Dunk Tank was in the back making smiles, laughter and memories. While the little ones could bounce and tumble in the huge castle bounce house. Every kid had a snowcone and cotton candy in hand at some point throughout the day. The mess was intense, which means the party was incredible! Best 8 year old birthday party on record in Kansas City(at least my record)! Rent the right equipment and you can provide hours of fun and happiness instead of hours of waiting and misery!

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