25 Foot Inflatable Slide

Massive Double Lane Dry Slide Rental

This Giant Double Lane Slide is the biggest thing we have.  Its foot print is about 25’x30′ and is an astounding 25 foot tall.  This is for dry sliding only.  Rent this slide to put a look of total amazement on the faces of your kids. They’ll spend hours climbing up, sliding down, and bouncing around on this colossal slide.

Giant 25' Double Lane Dry Slide Rental in Kansas City!!

Giant 25′ Double Lane Dry Slide Rental in Kansas City!!


We have shopped around with other companies and have confirmed that we truly have the best pricing on this unit. For much of the metro Kansas City area this Giant Double Slide rents for around $400, delivered & setup. Check the competition you will find their prices are upwards of $700 for smaller slides. We take pride in being able to offer the best prices on bounce rentals. Hence the name “Affordable Inflatables of Kansas City”. Call to confirm that your location is included in this price, there may be additional delivery cost depending on where in the metro your event is taking place, there may also be additional cost if our truck does not have immediate access to the setup area.  It is very important that we be able to drive right up to the setup area, this unit weighs over 1100 pounds and is nearly impossible to move further than a few feet, unless you have a team of men standing around that would like to help roll it. This thing has broken furniture dollies.


*note* We will not setup this unit on a windy day due to its height. It has been through some good wind and is rated for up to 25 mph wind, but in the name of safety, any winds over 20 and there is the possibility of cancelling this unit.  We will still come out to check your situation, many times there is enough wind block, tree line, large building or other obstruction to allow the safe operation of this unit.


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