Inflatable BatterUp House

Floating Ball Batter-Up Challenge

This unit is pretty cool and excellent for fundraising opportunities! Your patrons pay a couple dollars, approaches the plate, bat in hand, a green ball hovers in front of him, clack as the ball goes flying into left field for a single, he approaches for another chance, another green ball hovers, clack for a double, once last time a red ball floats in front of him, clack, “IT’S A HOME RUN” and the crowd goes wild. Of course for every HOMERUN you could give the batter another chance to increase his score or call it done and move onto whoever is on-deck. This unit also great for Birthday Parties especially if combined with the 5 in 1 Combo Unit Inflatable with the sports art panel attached. Every sports enthusiast will love this combination for his/her birthday party. ┬áCheck out some great prize options by visiting US Toy Co. located about State Line Rd and I-435.

inflatable rental bounce house slide

Rent the Floating Ball Batter-Up for around $140 or $100 if combined with another Inflatable Rental

Combine Inflatable Rentals for Big Parties and Big Savings

The 5 in 1 Combo with the Batter-Up and Double BasketBall Shooter would make a great sports themed Birthday Party! A package like this would normally be around $520, but because you are combining units for one party at one location you get a big discount and will only be paying $440 for a sports themed birthday party with interactive fun in the sun!


Inflatable Rental Delivery Info

The prices listed above include delivery to many areas of the metro, of many areas on the outskirts of the Kansas City area are not logistically feasible at these rates and may incur a delivery charge. All pricing depends on the location of the expected event, feel free to give us a call or send an email to request a quote.

When Contacting for Quote, please include the following:
Expected Date and Time Frame of Event
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The specific Item(s) you are interested in renting.

The prices provided on these pages are helpful in determining a rough estimate for your party budget, but always double check by asking before booking.

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