Large Joust Arena with Pair of Batons

Inflatable Joust Arena with Batons Rental

This is very big inflatable area with two inflatable pedestals, one for each contender. A joust pole for each contender as well. They will attempt to maintain footing on the pedestal while their opponent tries to knock them off their pedestal. This unit is very fun for tumblers as well. My kids love to use this as a tumble track for bouncing, tucking and throwing their coolest tumbling joust arena inflatable bounce rentalskills. It can also be used with the boxing gloves for a rock em sock time good time. This bounce platform is blue and red striped, is in like new condition, and measures nearly 20’x20′. Combine with a bounce house or obstacle for a super great time all day. Keep checking back, we add more bounce houses and equipment all the time. Next addition should be around July 1.


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