Moon Bounce Rentals In Kansas City, weathering the storm!

Today, was a bit unfortunate with the storms of the early morning. It was to be a full day of rentals, castle moon bounce was scheduled for delivery, giant slide and snowcones were scheduled, and obstacle was called for. With the early morning storms, slide rental cancelled early this morning several hours before event start time, I bet they are regretting that now. Not more than an 2 hours after the call to cancel came in, the weather cleared up and now it is gorgeous outside. I always suggest people wait and see what the weather is going to do before cancelling. Instead of her kids having an awesome party day playing on the water slide and keeping cool with snowcones dribbling down their faces, they have to find other ways of entertaining on this 90 degree day. Always keep in mind the weather is completely unpredictable here in Kansas City. I would much rather bring the equipment out there a few minutes later than schedule and leave it a couple extra hours, than think of a little kid on his/her birthday being let down by the cancellation of an awesome Water Slide. Obstacle Rental was a “No Call/No Show”, nothing drives me more crazy. Thankfully the Castle was delivered upon my advisement and positive attitude, at least there was one little birthday kid that was super happy today! You know I think I will leave that unit with them for a couple hours extra, just because they are awesome!

About a month ago, we had a huge rental scheduled and the weather was expected to turn to thunderstorms and rain. Against my better judgement, we cancelled that party as well. Of course the entire metro did see any thunderstorms, only about a 1/4 inch of rain scattered around the area. This weather cancellation did not let down just a few little boys and girls, rather it let down around 300 little kiddos. A day that will not be forgotten while checking weather for that days rentals.

Moon Bounce Houses, Castles and Slides are the most entertainment a kid could have on his birthday. Our equipment is delivered and setup for you. We take care of the tear down as well. When you plan your party and the weather is looking questionable, call me to discuss it, but I always advise waiting at least until 30 minutes prior to scheduled time to make the final decision. Here in Kansas City, the weather can turn from horrendous to beautiful in less than an hour. Don’t let your party be a complete let down by making hasty decisions.

Call us to schedule your Inflatable Moon Bounce Rental or Inflatable Water Slide Rental here in Kansas City.

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