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2014 is beginning to look like a record year for inflatable rentals. You all have been putting together some very cool events, graduation parties were “Off the Chain” last weekend, got to see a pretty sweet birthday bash for the Cheerleader over at KC Cheer. If you have a Competitive Cheerleader too, give us a call for their

Caslte rental Kansas City 2014

Castle Birthday Party 2014

Birthday Party. I know first hand that my 3 Cheerleaders get a kick out of the inflatables and cotton candy, every time I look out in the yard all I see is, round-off, backhand, tuck and hear 5-6-7-8 when they are stunting in the bounce house. Whoever doesn’t think cheer is a sport is clearly ignorant! These girls do crazy stuff that most of us couldn’t even dream of. I know the first comp I got to see about made me lose my nerve, looks pretty scary sometimes.

Congratulations to all the Graduates of 2014

You are the future of this country! All things will one day be your responsibility, people will look to you for advise, projects will not continue without your input and approval, you are the teachers, business leaders and politicians of tomorrow. And you will raise children when you are not ready for it, just like all of us before you. This is one step of many, your career will present many challenges and offer countless options, how you choose will dictate the direction those next steps take you. When life throws you a curve-ball, learn to adapt your swing. When it knocks you down, consider what you could have done more efficiently while getting back up. It has been a struggle for all those before you, and it will be a struggle for you too, get used to it! One day, you will have it all figured out, right before falling down again. Just keep on kicking life in the ass until it stops pushing back so much.

Inflatable rentals for Kansas City Parties are a great idea, BOOK NOW!

How do you know your party was a success? Did those words “MOM” or “DAD” keep chanting around you? Did you have to say, “Kids, go play”? NO and NO that’s how you know your party was a hit. The kids didn’t need to come to you for suggestions to cure the boredom. You were actually able to host the party instead of holding hand all day long. “How is this possible?”, you may ask. Bounce House, MoonWalk Units, Jump Houses, Inflatable Bouncey House, Giant Obstacle Course, Inflatable Slides and Inflatables Castles, Sugar loaded Cotton Candy and Giant Dunking Tanks, renting units like this is the key to making a party that can

Dunk Tank Rental makes super Party

Super Happy Kids at our Birthday Bash 2014

literally run itself. The hardest part about renting for a bounce house party is getting the kids to concede the unit when the party is over. I have seen inflatable parties go all night, yes the kids were up very late (guilty). Parties are very easy for you, make the reservation, send out invites, cater plenty of junk food and cleanup. Okay, so everyone hates the cleanup part, so here is a tip for you. About 1/2 way through the party have the kids stop and pickup 3-4 pieces of trash or dishes, it takes about one minute! Then right about 30 minutes before party end-time repeat that step. Cleanup will take you only 30 minutes instead of two hours. The part about hiring Affordable Inflatables for your inflatable party rentals is that we come back and take down the units while picking up. By the time you are done cleaning up, we are about done picking up the equipment, and it looks like nothing happened(like a ninja). THE SCHEDULE IS FILLING UP FAST, SEND US AN EMAIL OR GIVE US A CALL TO RESERVE YOUR PARTY EQUIPMENT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!


As I am sure you know by now, we recently added a portable dunk tank to our inventory. This unit has been a huge success! It takes about 10 minutes to setup and 45 minutes to fill with a standard garden hose. I figured this unit would get a lot of attention this summer, but it has proven that people want this even during the

Dunk Tank Rental Kansas City Party Success

Super Cold Water that day. May 2014

spring. Sure it may be a little chilly outside still, but there isn’t much competition out there when it comes to the sheer nerve racking anticipation of sitting on the seat, knowing that water is SOOOO COLD on your feet, and you are about to…. SPLASH! I don’t think I have ever jumped out of something so fast in my life! It was AWESOME! The kids really loved the idea of getting payback on Mom and Dad! Consider the Dunk Tank rental for your party, it will surely make the kids happy. Or dunk your favorite teacher or boss. Just remember if they don’t want to get up there in the hot seat, what kind of role model are they, really? (CHICKEN)

Big Changes are about to happen, Check this out

I have been looking into a new scheduling system for the party equipment rentals. We will be introducing it to you soon on each page of the site. Just look for the big green “BOOK NOW” button. This button will bring you to a page, where you will fill out all the details of your party, and select the units you are interested in. After filling out this form, click on the build quote button at the bottom right(I forget what it is called). The next page will show you the details of your party, event date, time frame requested and how much money you can expect to rent the equipment. I am still working on getting the system to incorporate the automatic discounts I apply when you rent multiple units, or are a frequent customer. When you complete the request, the system will notify me directly, when I can check for scheduling conflicts and driving time for setup as well as any staffing issue we may have at that time. I will then either Approve the Request as-is or send a response with any changes that may be needed, it is possible that your request may be denied if no units are available for that time frame. I would like to introduce this system to you within the next couple weeks for you to try out. I hope it is a successful addition to my site. It is completely up to you though, let me know if you don’t like it.


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