Happy Independence Day America!


The day our nation established its independence from Britain is a celebrated day

How does your family celebrate this glorious day?

We are interested to know how different families and different cultures here in America celebrate this day. I understand that many may not celebrate at all due to their cultural or religious preference, good for you, but the rest of us do!
Our family of course had to get the festivities going a little early and pop off a few sparklers and paratroopers into the sky last night. Grilling up some delicious burgers, that are made from real BEEF, juicy and delicious, I could feel my arteries clogging up, had to have another. This day has always been reserved for celebration and socialization with our friends and family. Of course here in America we come up with any reason we can think of to celebrate with friends and family, but that doesn’t take away from this special day.

So what’s in store for today? Well, we have several big parties planned for today. We have the Giant water slide going out to one lucky block party! Big event, they are expecting over one hundred attendees. This is going to be a big hit, of course I am not at liberty to give that information out. They got lucky and reserved the water slide rental sometime back in May for this event.

Water Slide Rental

Independence Day Water Slide Rental

Another special family got to reserve the Castle for their daughters birthday celebration! How cool is that? Big Barbeque and fireworks for your birthday. Just about every American celebrates on your birthday, SWEET! She will be so happy to see that Giant Castle inflating in the front yard. A large block party in Kansas City gets to have the 17′ Slide Combo unit setup to entertain their party of 300 people. Obstacle course is headed out to Raytown today for yet another block party! I’m sure all the participants will have a great time today with all the big parties.

Last but not least, we donated our Dunk Tank Rental services to a family fundraiser up in Smithville. They have a child that is battling cancer and hopefully our services can help them bring in some funds to help pay for treatments for their special kiddo. At the last minute I realized that the Cotton Candy Machine did not get rented out this weekend, so I sent them with that as well and enough product to make around 400 cones. Selling these at $2-3 each can raise some good money for the account. Our donation amount is equivalent to around $400, Kansas City has been taking good care of us lately and this is just another way we like to give back to the community.

No matter how you do it party on and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all my fellow Americans!

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