Bounce Rental Update for Kansas City 2014

New Bounce Rentals Available in Kansas City

We recently made a cross country drive to pickup several more inflatables to add to our rental list. Hopefully this list can help you decide on the party equipment you would like to rent for your party.

Tropical Double Slip n Slide Rental $220-300
Giant Double Lane Dry Slide Rental $350-400
Large Castle Bounce House Rental $160-200
Mini Castle/hoop Bounce House Rental $100-140
4 in 1 Combo Bounce House Rental $220-260
24′ Obstacle Course Rental $160-200
38′ Obstacle Course Rental $200-240
17′ Enclosed Slide Dry/Wet $220 / $270
Standard Bounce House w/hoop Rental $100-140
Double Lane Basketball Shooter Rental $100-140
Floating Ball Batter Up Rental $100-140

Bounce rentals in Kansas City are becoming increasingly more popular. It seems every weekend is getting more and more booked up.  People are booking everything from Bounce house rentals to slide rentals and dunk tanks.  Putting multiple items together is really effective to the party from growing stagnant.  For instance, rent the dunk tank for action packed fun, bring in the bounce rental to the back yard for a spread out party, and have the Giant Slide rental to keep the kids amazed at the shear massiveness.  Adding on cotton candy and snowcones is a great way to keep the kids happy and messy!  Every party is a success with the right bounce rentals.

We have bounce rentals for any occasion.  School carnivals can become excellent PTA fund raiser events with the sale of Sand Art, and Spin Art as well as selling tickets to the bounce house rentals for rides or the slide rentals.  Challenge the kids on the Double Basketball inflatable shooter game, make a five baskets in a row, win a prize or something like that.  The floating t-ball unit is like this as well.  Three strikes and you’re out.  Get three hits and win a prize.  There are many ways we can put this all together for excellent carnival style fun and excitement.  Call us for all your bounce rentals and other party equipment rentals.  We serve most of Kansas City Metro Area, including delivery, setup, and pick-up.  There really isn’t much you need to do when you rent from Affordable Inflatable and Entertainment of Kansas City.  We are here to help make your party a success, not a headache.

Sometimes we have people that are interested in renting our bounce houses but live far away. When this is the case, we can either upcharge for the delivery, or they can come pickup the unit and return them when the event is over.  If you plan on this type of pickup and return, please keep in mind that these units can be very heavy and cumbersome.  The key to moving these units around is to make sure you roll it very tightly.  The tighter the better, I find that if someone is stepping down the vinyl while I am rolling it like a sleeping bag, I can get the unit as tight as possible.  Being so tightly rolled, I am able to move around 500 lb units with ease.  Loading into the back of a truck or trailer can be very difficult as well if the unit is not tightly rolled.  Safety first, bring someone to help load and unload.

Don’t forget to call us before making your party plans to make sure we have the bounce rental that’s perfect for your party!


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