Bounce Rentals To Be Huge This Year!

Bounce Rentals To Be Huge This Year!

Bounce & Slide Rentals for 2015

With spring fast approaching, we are preparing for the biggest rental season yet. Here are some of the plans we have in mind.

1700 square foot warehouse & office to store our inflatables.
Two more delivery trucks to run rentals.
Looking for three or four new drivers to conduct rentals & one good person to be sort of an office manager.

Planning on heading to Florida to pick up 3 big water slides, 3 slip n slides, pool attachments for slides, 2 Dunk Tanks, Cotton Candy, Snowcone & Popcorn machines, as well as some other bounce house & combo units. This trip should nearly double our inventory for rentals.IMG_1685

Rentals Help Wanted

If you know of anyone that would like to make extra money running deliveries, we would be happy to hear from them. We prefer someone that is extremely punctual (like early to everything), can lift heavy objects and put forth serious effort when needed, having own truck is preferred. This is an opportunity for him/her to make between 150-300 a day on weekends. We are usually booked solid on Saturday & Sunday and usually have several appointments during the week as well. You essentially get to tell me what days you want to work, we will call or text you regularly to see if you want to pickup a day if it is not already covered. You are not required to take it. We are seeking several people for this position that are willing to work periodically, or seeking two people that are wanting to work all the time. My guys say this is the easiest job they have ever had. Kind of goes like this.

  1. Show up to shop to collect contracts
  2. Load up proper equipment
  3. Drive to appointment, setup, collect
  4. Drive to subsequent appointments, setup, collect
  5. Take a break for a few hours if there is a layover between pickups
  6. Drive to rentals for pickup based on a schedule, take down equipment, load up
  7. Return to shop to unload, turn in money, get paid.


That pretty much sums it up. Having the ability to drive truck with a small trailer on the back is a plus, we can teach you if needed.water slide

  • Reliable
  • Strong
  • Honest
  • Drivers’ License
  • Truck
  • Insurance
  • GPS for sure
  • Above all you must be a nice person


Pay goes like this:
No truck – $15/hr + fuel
Have own truck – $20/hr + fuel
Don’t want to work a full day? Cool, neither do I, pick up half a day, or just a rental or two.
Schedule is usually planned out the evening before. Last minute rentals come in all the time though.

Rental season usually begins in March and gets seriously busy by May


If you are unfamiliar with the equipment you will be delivering, take a look around our site, it’s all pretty self explanatory. Bounce Rental Information and Examples Kansas City

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