2015 Rental Pricing Information

Party Rental Cost Estimate Information ONLY

Our pricing depends on many factors, you can use this list to help you make a budget.


It is very important you contact us for exact pricing. Rental day, location, setup area, and time frame, all play a part in pricing.
These price estimates are based on delivery to much of the metro Kansas City, north of Cleaver Blvd up to Smithville.
Standard Sized Bounce Houses – $140-200

Obstacle / Combo / Medium Inflatables – $220-340

Dry Slides – $200-500

Water Slides – $300-$500

Concessions – $60-120


Discounts are given for multi-unit rentals.


We do service all areas of the Metro, from Lawson to Archie, keep in mind there may be a significant price difference or minimum order required for delivery.

This price list is only here to help give you an idea of what to expect while planning your party budget.  Contact us for exact price, deposit information, and schedule availability.  BOOK ONLINE AT www.moonbouncekc.com


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