2014 Inflatable Rental Information for Kansas City

Inflatable Rental inventory has increased in Kansas City

We recently made a cross-country trip to pickup several inflatables to add to our inventory. If you are having a hard time figuring out what to rent for your event or birthday party maybe this list can help you decide.

  • Giant Double Lane Dry Slide Rental $400-500
  • 38′ Obstacle Course Rental $280-320
  • 24′ Obstacle Course Rental FOR SALE $500 (SOLD)
  • Enclosed Slide Rental $240/$300-wet
  • Tropical Double Slip n Slide Rental $240-300
  • 5 in 1 Combo Bounce House Rental $240-300
  • Large Castle Moon Bounce Rental $160
  • Small Castle w/hoop bounce Rental $160
  • Small Bounce House w/hoop Rental $160
  • Double BasketBall Shootout Rental $140
  • Floating Ball Batter-Up Rental $140
  • 25′ Double Lane Water Slide Rental FOR SALE $500 (SOLD)
  • Dunk Tank Rental $250-350
  • Cotton Candy Machine Rental $60-120
  • Snow Cone Machine Rental $60-120
  • Spin Art $100
  • Sand Art $100
  • Cost of supplies depend on expected attendance

Combine rentals to save. All of our rentals are on a first come-first server basis. Our days have been filling up quickly. If you are planning an event it is best to contact us as soon as you are ready to reserve. There have been several times this year that someone called to inquire on pricing but decided to wait to make the reservation, and within an hour someone else called and made the reservation for that specific rental. When the first person called back to make the reservation a couple hours later, it was too late and she had to go with another unit. Don’t get left without entertainment for your party. If you are considering a party, call us before locking in your party date. This gives you plenty of options for your party. Sundays are usually a pretty safe bet. Any given Sunday we are usually only at about 30% rental reservations, so it should be easy to accommodate you.

Tropical Slip and Slide Rental

Tropical Slip and Slide Rental $240


Double Lane 25' Dry Slide Rental

Double Lane 25′ Dry Slide Rental

Mini Castle Bounce House Rental Kansas City Area, Delivery included $140 to most of Metro.

Mini Castle Bounce House Rental Kansas City Area, Delivery included $160 to most of Metro.

4in1 Combo Bounce House Rental Kansas City 2014!!!!

5in1 Combo Bounce House Rental Kansas City 2014!!!!

Dunk Tank Rental Kansas City Party Success

Super Cold Water that day. May 2014

Water Slide Rental

25′ Double Lane Slide FOR SALE $500 OBO

Water Slide In Need of Repairs

Our Double Lane Water Slide is out of commission for the season. This unit is being sent off for modification and reconditioning during the off-season. We are hoping to make this unit into a more legit water slide. Cutting off the stop walls, extending the landing, and adding a splash pool at the bottom. Replacement of the sliding surface to flow from the top all the way to the splash pool will make this unit more intense than ever. If you know anyone that has the equipment and the skills to make this happen, get in touch with us, we would love to commission this project to a local Kansas City citizen or small business, rather than having to send it off to Texas!

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